China Made Easy
Your Western-Friendly Conduit to the Greatest Market in the World
Looking for Market Share in China?
Western advertising models simply don’t apply in China. We’ll show you why and guide you in tailoring your campaign to realities on the ground. You have a friend in AdsYolo to tell it like it is, in a way that will make sense to you.
We Know What You Are Going Through
AdsYolo is a Western-friendly resource to help outsiders navigate China’s vast digital marketing universe. When we went in 2009 to build the country’s largest in-app ad network, we realized the need. Never again, we vowed, will Westerners need to be penalized for the language barrier and the culture gap.
What AdsYolo Brings To The Table
AdsYolo is a world-class team, accessibly headquartered in New York and Beijing, with invaluable strategic relationships that you can depend on. We speak the same language as you. We come from many of the digital agencies and brands you know and love. Cutting edge technologies are only a part of the picture. We are China experts, with a human approach to implementation and analysis that you will understand.
  • Cutting-edge Technology
  • On-the-ground Relationships
  • Local Industry Know How
  • Chinese Cultural Savvy
  • Western Best Practices You Can Relate to
Information that Puts you in Charge
China is a complicated ecosystem that some local agencies and media partners may have difficulty explaining to you. Others may feel you just don’t need to know. AdsYolo puts you back in the loop with total transparency and timely feedback on what is and isn’t working, so that you can readjust to minimize the waste and maximize the impact throughout the life of your campaign.
Beware of Tricks with Clicks
In China, it’s not always wise to place bets on overly impressive preliminary data. Not all those clicks represent consumers you can rely on. For real results that matter, AdsYolo tests the waters before we dive in, with unique trials designed to deliver optimal leads and conversions.
What we can do for you
  • Strategic campaign planning, creative development and media buying
    We’ll advise on what will work in China for what you have in mind.
  • Media buys, from Web to Mobile Display and everything in between
    We combine direct buys with programmatic trading solutions to find your ideal mix, utilizing strategic partnerships to vastly broaden your reach and technology to connect you seamlessly to the Chinese exchanges.
  • Messaging that speaks to your target consumer
    Our translations and localizations resonate with APAC consumers.
  • Strategic partnerships and licensing agreements
    Leverage our network to open up a world of possibilities. Plus, you’ll have us in your corner to negotiate the right deals.
  • Mobile solutions
    Our turnkey offerings for in-app payments and Android app security seemlessly dovetail with your products and initiatives.
    Learn more about our Android Appshield here

Get an Open and Honest Appraisal of your Options
Tell us what you’d like to do in China and we’ll be forthcoming from the get-go, as we show you what success might look like. If possible, let’s sit down for an informal face-to-face chat. All questions are welcome. And no ideas too Western to adapt.



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